Senin, 26 November 2007

The Artist Room

The Artist Room is a part of Rumah Seni Yaitu’s fasilities. Artists who are exhibiting at the art space or when they are making projects by the help or joint with the gallery’s management usually stay and overnight at this room. This is extraordinay for two persons but still comfortable for three. The room with twin beds, fully air-con, 12 national/local channels TV, and hot/cold shower.

Our guests are fond of making their own breakfast in the gallery’s kitchen. We serve bread for breakfast, mineral water, coffee, tea, and sugar at no cost. But sometimes the guests want to look for some other meals at the traditional market where is only three minutes’ walk from the gallery. Here you can find excellent and healthy local snacks at resonable price. But surely you consider it as extremely cheap.

The gallery’s address is at Kampung Jambe 280, Semarang 50124, Central Java, Indonesia. Though its location is not in the main road but it is at the center of the city. And Semarang is famous for trading and its cultural diversities. Indiginuous are living happily side by side with other ethnics such as Chineses, Arabs, or others.

And now the Management of Rumah Seni Yaitu offers you to stay at The Artist Room with only US$8 for two and US$5 for single. The sum of money is used for making the gallery’s programmes run well.

But apologise us for not having internet line so far. Anyway, you can make phone calls or surfing the net at ‘warnet’. Warnet is short form of ‘warung internet’ means internet stall. You can find such warnet near the gallery.

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